Professional Global Asset Recovery Services

If you have had assets stolen due to cyber criminals, fraudsters, or other bad actors, it can leave you feeling angry, helpless, and confused. Many people think that when assets are stolen using advanced technologies like this, there is little hope of ever getting things back. The fact is, however, that while the cyber criminals take advantage of modern technologies, so do we! Our team can track down criminals throughout the world, and working together with legal action, get your assets back. We work hard to recover assets resulting from:

Cyber Heists

A cyber heist is when large-scale monetary theft is conducted through some type of computer hacking. Targets include online banking accounts, correspondent accounts, credit card systems, and more. Whether conducted as a direct hack to a banking system, or phishing operations used to gather data, your assets are at risk. Our team has extensive experience in pursuing a recovery if your institution has been the victim of a cyberheist.


Corruption is a major problem for public entities and is even seen as a threat to national security. This type of corruption can occur through bribes of public officials, and much more. There are estimates that say corruption costs the public billions of dollars in wasted tax dollars each year. STARNet is uniquely situated to combat this type of corruption using our advanced skills and capabilities to run complex cross-border actions to trace, freeze, and recover the proceeds from these activities. Our member law firms have represented governments and their agencies in corruption cases against former government officials, third parties, and others.

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