How Can I Report Public Corruption?

You know that public corruption exists. The recent cases involving FirstEnergy in Ohio and  Commonwealth Edison Company in Illinois have shown how elected officials can (and do) exchange their integrity for a lot of money. What you might not know is that you can do something about it. Public Corruption- What It is and the Damage It Does Public corruption happens when government officials breach the public’s trust by Read More

12 Ways to Make Your Email Safer Against Cyberheists

One of the areas where most companies and individuals are least secure against cyberheists is through their email use. Since your email is hosted by someone else and can be accessed from all over the world, increasing your security is a little more complicated than it is for your internal systems. It requires stricter policies regarding email use and more vigilant verification of use. This issue was brought to light Read More

The Corporate Transparency Act: Steps in the United States Towards Fighting Corruption

On January 1st, 2021, the United States Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. This Act contained one very important provision: the Corporate Transparency Act, known as the CTA. Even if you have not yet heard of it, the CTA is one of the first major steps the United States has taken towards fighting corporate corruption. Corruption is a major threat to businesses, governments, Read More

7 Tips for More Modern Cybersecurity

Investing your time and money into increasing your company’s cybersecurity is one of the most important decisions that you can make. As the threat of cyber heists continues to escalate each year, the more vulnerable your company becomes to such attacks. This truth is not reserved exclusively for banks with high amounts of currency at stake - it is happening to all kinds of companies. Cybersecurity is more important Read More

5 Effects of Public Corruption

Public corruption is one of the greatest threats to any government in the entire world. Corruption hurts everyone - the government itself, the people, and the country’s reputation on a global scale. Even if only one individual is responsible for it, it can have far-reaching consequences on an entire country. Staying vigilant about public corruption is one of the most important jobs that any citizen has in order to Read More

Knowledge is Power

We hear the same question day in and day out. “What is the number one cause of cyberheists?” This cry is often only heard when it is too late. When people are the victim of a horrible cyber crime, they ask first if their assets can be recovered. They ask second what they can do to prevent it from happening again. Sometimes they ask what they could have done to stop it from ever happening in the first place. We hear Read More

5 Warning Signs of Corruption

Corruption is a major issue for businesses. It can even be seen as a threat to national security. Corruption can come in the form of monetary brides, behind the scenes schemes, or unseen agreements. It is almost always for the purpose of increased wealth or personal power on the part of the guilty party. You do not want to be caught with corruption in your business. It will reflect poorly not just on the guilty Read More

Big Cyber Heists in History

You may remember a time when bank heists were hands-on operations. If the criminals didn’t actually walk into a bank and demand the cash at gunpoint, they infiltrated the premises after hours by deactivating the alarm system and/or getting inside help from an employee or security.  Today, it’s different. Thanks to the Internet, criminals in Europe can empty bank accounts in North America (and vice-versa) without Read More

Cyber Heist

Financial institutions are at risk of cyber heists. Hackers have stolen millions of dollars from financial institutions by gaining access to the SWIFT messaging system via malware. Once they have gained access, the hackers issue fraudulent SWIFT messages to steal funds held in correspondent accounts. As Brussels-based SWIFT described it in its May 13, 2016 Customer Communication – Customer Security Read More

How Transparency Can Uncover Corruption on a National Level

Public corruption is an international problem, but Transparency International truly brings the issue to light with its Corruption Perception Index. The issue of public corruption varies a lot between countries, depending on how strict a country’s laws are and how susceptible its officials are to bribery and other types of corruption. What Does Transparency International Do? With branches in more than 100 Read More