Leveraging Technology and AI for Effective Asset Recovery

After a data breach, it’s a race against the clock to minimize the damage and recover lost assets. It’s stressful and often challenging, but innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology enables us to efficiently recover assets, preemptively locate vulnerabilities, and track down the perpetrators on a global scale. Exploring new technologies will highlight the potential benefits of embracing the transformative impact they have in the field of asset recovery. 

Redefining Digital Asset Security

Assets can now go beyond private and personal data. The rapid growth of cryptocurrency and NFTs has given rise to new forms of asset theft and unethical financial activities. In order to combat this, technological advancements and AI play a critical role in redefining digital security. There are more advanced, highly sophisticated encryption methods and blockchain technology, and secure digital platforms have become more prevalent. Digital assets can now be tracked with unique signatures to make it more challenging for criminals to conceal or transfer stolen funds or data. This enhanced security infrastructure leaves digital breadcrumbs for investigators to follow during the recovery process.

AI-Based Network Analysis

AI has been a hot topic since its conception, but powerful algorithms can be an invaluable tool in asset recovery. By harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and data analytics, AI systems can quickly and efficiently analyze tremendous amounts of data. AI analysis enables it to detect patterns, identify hidden code, and make connections between complex networks of illicit activities at a faster pace than ever thought conceivable. Investigators can use these analyses and reporting to map the flow of stolen assets and locate the individuals or organizations responsible for the breach. With the speed of AI, time is now on our side. 

Fraud Detection and Prevention

The most important aspect of asset protection are prevention efforts. If cyber heists and data breaches can be detected before they are able to wreak havoc, businesses and individuals can spend less time worrying about recovery, and focus on what really matters. The datasets and patterns collected and organized by AI algorithms can detect anomalies, like suspicious transactions, or a change in data behaviors that indicate tampering. With this technology, there is a greater potential for detecting financial crimes like money laundering and fraud. As cybercriminals attempt to come up with more creative ways to continue their activities, machine learning will enable AI to adapt and evolve to protect against fraudulent tactics. 

Collaboration and Data Mining

Data mining enables investigators to extract relevant information and evidence from vast sets of data. Through cross-border collaboration, law enforcement and data security organizations can use secure digital platforms to share information and investigate breaches more efficiently. This data allows investigators to uncover evidence that aids in their recovery efforts. Investigators can utilize the increased connectivity to share relevant information in real-time to make recovery efforts faster and more successful. 


AI, as advanced as it may seem, is still in its infancy. The full extent of its capabilities is still unknown, but we can capitalize on its ability to combat cybercrimes in the meantime. From enhanced digital asset security to AI-based network analysis, technology will continue to revolutionize data recovery and protect innocent individuals and organizations from cybercriminals.  The technology that harnesses AI for recovery and data protection efforts is not yet fully accessible to the general public. However, it’s possible to leverage the capabilities of outside organizations and vendors who specialize in this type of service. If you have questions regarding data recovery or require assistance with a breach, our global STARNet presence is at your disposal.

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STARNet, which is short for Stolen Asset Recovery Network, is a global alliance of independent law firms created to provide financial institutions and governments with multi-disciplinary services across countries and jurisdictions for locating, freezing, and ultimately recovering stolen assets related to cyber heists, fraud or corruption.

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