5 Effects of Public Corruption

Public corruption is one of the greatest threats to any government in the entire world. Corruption hurts everyone – the government itself, the people, and the country’s reputation on a global scale. Even if only one individual is responsible for it, it can have far-reaching consequences on an entire country. Staying vigilant about public corruption is one of the most important jobs that any citizen has in order to protect their way of life.

All too often, public corruption is not noticed until it is far too late. Taking the threat of public corruption seriously is one of the best motivating factors to stay vigilant against it. Here are 5 of the effects that public corruption can have, to keep in mind as you keep your eyes peeled for it:

Financial Loss. An obvious organizational loss that can happen from public corruption is a significant loss of funding. Whether it comes from a loss of donors or an oversight punishment, a financial loss always follows the revelation of corruption. Your funding sources will lose faith in your department, your company, or your entire government, and your budget will dry up along with it.

Reputation Loss. Reputation may seem like the least significant of these losses, but you never realize how far it gets you until it is gone. Any positive work you are responsible for will immediately be forgotten in the eyes of the public and replaced with your failure to control the corruption. Your reputation allows you access to resources and conversations that can advance the prosperity of your nation, and all of those doors will be closed in the wake of corruption.

Morale Loss. Realizing there was a traitor in their midst is a surefire way to kill the morale of a team. Lower morale leads to a hostile working environment that is much less productive and supportive. Departments can fall apart as a loss of morale, and morale plummets after the revelation of corruption has been made public.

Resource Loss. Along with your reputation and funding, you will lose access to resources that may have been connected to those two. Whatever resources you have that may already be focused on serving your community will be diminished and diverted, leaving a trail of consequences that affects others who were entirely uninvolved with the corruption and typically rely on you for help.

Independence Loss. A case of publication corruption will lead to your department, business, or government operating under increased scrutiny and oversight, which will invariably lead to strict regulation. If you were operating with a significant degree of independence and the outcome of that was corruption, you can expect that independence to disappear.

STARNet is uniquely situated to combat public corruption, with the skills and capabilities to run complex cross-border actions to trace, freeze, and recover the proceeds of corruption. Our member law firms have represented governments and their agencies in corruption cases brought against former government officials or third parties who conspired to effect, or aided and abetted, the corruption or fraud. Contact the Stolen Asset Recovery Network today to find your way back to normalcy in the wake of corruption.

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STARNet, which is short for Stolen Asset Recovery Network, is a global alliance of independent law firms created to provide financial institutions and governments with multi-disciplinary services across countries and jurisdictions for locating, freezing, and ultimately recovering stolen assets related to cyber heists, fraud or corruption.

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