Recognizing & Combating Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is an escalating concern, casting a looming shadow over businesses, individuals, and governments globally. Many advancements have been made to streamline detection and recovery efforts, but cybercrime and corruption continue to be the dominant forms of financial fraud. In spite of these challenges, asset recovery networks create the best possible infrastructure to combat financial fraud and bring the Read More

Leveraging Technology and AI for Effective Asset Recovery

After a data breach, it’s a race against the clock to minimize the damage and recover lost assets. It’s stressful and often challenging, but innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology enables us to efficiently recover assets, preemptively locate vulnerabilities, and track down the perpetrators on a global scale. Exploring new technologies will highlight the potential benefits of embracing the Read More

Strengthening Your Defenses: What We Can Learn from Previous Cybersecurity Attacks

Cyberattacks and breaches can happen to anyone at any time for any reason. These threats have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, making it more important than ever to become educated about how they happen and what can be done to mitigate them. Cyberattacks can have devastating effects on individuals and businesses, but while hackers and fraudsters look for new vulnerabilities, we can learn from previous Read More

Is Cybersecurity Insurance Worth the Investment?

  Millions of people and businesses fall victim to phishing schemes and hackers every year. The majority of data is now stored digitally, from books to social security numbers, making cybersecurity more important than ever. Every year, companies globally, lose millions of dollars as a direct result of data breaches, leading to the creation of cybersecurity insurance. Companies and individuals may be able to utilize Read More

Hackers Have Stolen Company Data. What Will They Do Next?

First, it’s worth stating that you are not alone. According to Forbes, around 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Some of the world’s most prominent companies and brands, like Home Depot, Target, Equifax, Wendy’s, Delta, and the health insurer Anthem have experienced major data breaches. Hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. alone have had personally identifiable information, such as passwords, PINs, health Read More

Are You a Victim of a Data Breach?

No company or individual is immune from the possibility of a data breach. Each day, hackers work to find vulnerabilities in the most secure systems. Data breaches happen most frequently to smaller companies or individuals, but even massive Fortune 500’s are at risk. The data affected by a breach can contain information from within the company about financial data or personnel files, as well as current and future Read More

Cyber Security Vigilantism: Invaluable Tool, or Unnecessary Headache?

Cyber Security has been a consistent priority for companies throughout the digital age. As security protocols become more sophisticated, so too do hackers and fraudsters that seek to exploit the system. It has become more and more difficult for the average person to determine whether an inquiry is legitimate or not, which makes fraudsters target vulnerable groups like the elderly or disabled. As a response, Read More

The EU and U.S. Update Their Shared Privacy Framework

In December, the EU and U.S. began updating their shared Data Privacy Framework, which will increase security for trans-Atlantic data transferring for businesses and organizations. The decision came about to create increased privacy for Europeans in regard to U.S. criminal law enforcement and national security purposes and ensure that countries outside the EU maintain the same level of data protection standards. What Read More

What To Do If Your Small Business Falls Victim to Cybercrime

Data is one of the world's most valuable resources today, making it more and more susceptible to corruption and theft. The best thing anyone can do to protect their information is to take preventative measures such as utilizing encryption services and staying educated about the most recent developments in data security and new trends in cybercrime. In spite of your best efforts, if you or your business fall victim to Read More

Top 5 Cyber Crimes to Be Aware Of

It is the digital age and you need to be prepared to protect yourself from internet crimes, particularly as we move towards digital currency and keeping important documents and information entirely virtual. With that in mind, here are the top 5 cybercrimes you need to be aware of and the steps you can take to protect yourself.  Internet Fraud Internet fraud typically occurs when the scammer asks someone to send Read More