It is Time To Stay Vigilant Against Corruption

Corruption runs all throughout human history. As we at the Stolen Asset Recovery Network, commonly known as STARNet, look back, we have to acknowledge that despite our best efforts, there has been no end to corruption so far.

Of course, there have been advancements and periods of stability. While corruption is always happening somewhere, we can hope to move through periods of more widespread integrity and accountability.

Recent developments such as the advancement of technology and progression of the news media have led to a higher standard of accountability for politicians and those in power. Often, those in power are revealed to have committed a crime before it is even public knowledge that they were being investigated for it.

Right now, all across the world, there are those in power that would seek to harm the common citizen in exchange for their own gain. What can we do to stop them? What power do we hold?

Unless you are working from within the system, your resources may be limited. You still have the greatest task of all: staying vigilant. Are you keeping your eyes open? Are you reporting corruption where you see it? Are you doing your part?

Part of the problem lies in the willingness of observers to stay uninvolved. Sometimes, the power to tackle corruption straight-on lies in the hands of the common citizen. If you have seen something, you have a responsibility to say something – even if it does not directly concern you.

The threat of corruption is simple. It is the promise that has been broken. It is the milk that has soured. It is the celebration gone wrong. It is someone who is supported by the people, often both elected to office and funded by taxpayer money, who has turned their back on the cause of the people and chosen instead to line their pockets. It is greed and betrayal run amuck.

It is inexcusable. It is over-run. It is time for change.

Only as a group can we hold each other accountable against corruption. Only as the individual can we look for the warning signs. It is the time to push for more transparency and open communication. It is the day to improve financial management, both corporate and federal, and hold them accountable for their actions. It is the day to end impunity to justice. If any of us are unaccountable, all of us are unaccountable. Today, we want to be accountable. Today, we want to stop corruption.

Nowhere is a better place to start than right here and right now. At the Stolen Asset Recovery Network, we offer swift action on a global scale to combat cyber crimes and corruption. If you have observed corruption and are ready to take a stand, contact STARNet today. We may not be able to stop all corruption – but that won’t stop us from trying.

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STARNet, which is short for Stolen Asset Recovery Network, is a global alliance of independent law firms created to provide financial institutions and governments with multi-disciplinary services across countries and jurisdictions for locating, freezing, and ultimately recovering stolen assets related to cyber heists, fraud or corruption.

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